AI solutions

Integration of A.I. algorithms into your business solutions, implementation of blockchain technology, benchmarks and back-testing of AI strategies for high-speed trading. Also as part of our services we provide you with high-performance servers and workstations for financial trading, powerful scalable render farms and video production. Professional solutions for audio and multimedia production and complex cloud storage solutions for companies and teams.

IoT prototyping

IoT and modern SBC solutions with complete software applications. Customer defined software development, modifications of existing solutions and advisory services for new opportunities. Repair service for computer, workstation or server, network devices or IT equipment. Distributor service for HP, Dell and Lenovo professional workstations and servers.


Smart buildings 

Nowadays is the best time to invest in new intelligent solutions in your home. Take control of your energy consumption, optimize your inside environment and monitor the quality of your living. Up from your intelligent doorbell to by weather forecast driven inside home environment properties control. View, decide and control your home from the mobile phone or tablet.  


Renewable energy

We will help you up from small single houses to big company solutions for sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Energy from the sun, wind, water or earth, can help you in actual energetic situation and input high prices. Think about it and ask us for advice or a solution directly for your needs.

Communication accessories

Wireless communication is part of our product since beginning of our journey and we produce some accessories in-house and support you as our customers with 3-th party accessories. We provide also advisory service to help you to build your communication environment, design and configure your radio network to fulfill your needs. Ask for more information.

In case of questions, please, don't hesitate and simply contact us.